What is Adopt A Roof BVI and why did they set it up?

Following the destruction caused by Category 5 hurricanes Irma and Maria, Regis Bourdon, chef and owner of Brandywine Estate Restaurant, which was badly damaged, was overwhelmed by the plight of the people of the BVI. Ignoring his own challenges he set about using what was left of his kitchen to start ‘Direct Action’ relief work and make Meals for Kids in the ravaged East End community. This humanitarian act had an unforeseen consequence. Spending time in that area Regis became acutely aware of the destruction of homes of vulnerable people with little money and no insurance. After helping a woman find tarps for her home he had yet another inspiration…. “let’s start putting roofs on homes!” His idea was to identify needy homes and ask donors to sponsor or ‘adopt’ individual roofs. Adopt A Roof BVI was born.

Meet the Team

What next?

The Adopt A Roof BVI team continues to walk through communities to identify vulnerable people with the greatest need. Additionally the team has been talking to businesses, individuals and other charities as they seek funding. The response has been amazing.

Why are Adopt a Roof BVI so different?

It seems there are only limited numbers of ‘Direct Action’ charities like Adopt A Roof BVI. Most charities are a channel to collect funds and having done that successfully for the past months they are now looking for the most effective ways of using those funds. Adopt A Roof BVI is the perfect solution as we have no overheads and have a very transparent system…. We show a damaged home and simply require funds to pay for qualified builders and the materials needed. That’s it. It all started with an idea to feed kids… and has grown into an amazing Direct Action relief group that really does make a difference and one that is partnering with wonderful charities such as Convoy Of Hope and One Love BVI who can offer US tax efficient donations to buy materials for Adopt A Roof.

But Adopt A Roof BVI are more than just a Direct Action charity. The goal is to establish a web page that highlights homes in need of help. Donors will then be able to select a particular home and pay as much as they can afford to buy materials or even ‘adopt the whole roof’. With our partner charities we hope to offer fixed roof material packs that donors can contribute to or buy outright.

Can I Donate?

Adopt a Roof Guiding Principles

  • To enable donors to see funding go directly to specific roof projects 
  • To enable donors to feel part of the process
  • To ensure the fund collection process is easy, transparent and secure
  • To complete as many roofs as possible using local labor wherever possible 
  • To meet or exceed all  relevant building and safety codes
  • To keep construction simple and basic (timber, water shield, zinc, fasteners)
  • To avoid any cost-bearing administration. The members all work for free.
  • To provide a legacy of strong roofs and trained workers