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Walk The BVI Day 2
So Roger Carter completed Day 2 and arrived in Cane Garden Bay.
Next stop is West End so we are hoping there will be plenty of people coming out to cheer him on.

AAR has seen another wonderful donations day too, so a huge thanks you to all those people supporting Roger by donating to AAR.

For those wondering about Roger's route, check out the map of his whole Walk The BVI route.
Walk The BVI begins
With the first day completed, Roger Carter’s ‘Walk the BVI’ has generated a huge amount of interest on BVI websites. For Adopt A Roof, the charity created by Regis Bourdon and chosen by Roger as the prime partner, it has been a wonderful day as donations large and small, all vitally important to our efforts to provide sustainable shelter for vulnerable people in the BVI, have been coming in throughout the day.
Chris Marshall VP of Adopt A Roof commented, “It is so heartwarming to see the generosity of individuals and to realize that the BVI’s challenges have not been forgotten thanks to the efforts of people like Jim Scott at One Love BVI, along with Walk the BVI’s Roger and Sophie.
Amazing job Roger. Good luck in the coming days as we track your progress and thank you to all those supporting and donating. Spread the word and please encourage friends, relatives and even strangers to donate.
Schedule (58.1miles):
Tue:  Road Town to Trellis Bay (9.4miles)
Wed: East End to Cane Garden Bay (8.8miles)
Thu:  Cane Garden Bay to West End (5.6miles)
Fri:   Jost Van Dyke loop from/to Foxys (9.3miles)
Sat:  West End to Road Town (9.2miles)
Sun:  Virgin Gorda Leverick Bay to The Baths (7.7miles)
Mon:  Rest day
Tue:   Anegada West End to Big Bamboo (8.1miles)
Wed:  Party at Mulligans, Nanny Cay. 6pm
A Step Up for 2018
2018 had the perfect start for Adopt A Roof as the team were thrilled to receive a donation of $7,500 from Karen Dilks and Laura Ditges, owners of A Step Up, in Sedona Arizona. Many thanks on behalf of the AAR team and Edith King, currently having her roof completed with funding support from Karen and Laura.   A Step Up carries fine footwear for selective soles. Representing the finest collections in the world with incredible style and comfort.
22 Dec 2017
Wrapped for Christmas
 Christmas came early for Edith King in Tortola. Edith had been patiently waiting her turn for a new roof after our assessment in November and the roof gods smiled on her this past week. The Adopt A Roof construction team descended on her home to tear off the old mouldy ply panels and begin the process of putting a proper new roof on. We are thrilled that Edith will have a lovely ‘wrapped’ home for Christmas. AAR's construction manager Cortez Forbes commented, "Sights like this make all the efforts and frustrations worthwhile." A special thanks to Tortola Ladies Club who adopted this roof and contributed to the materials for this roof.
21 Dec 2017
Walk The BVI and Adopt A Roof announce partnership
Walk The BVI is an amazing charity event created by Roger Carter and Sophie Leroy, taking place between the 2nd and 8th January. Starting at Pussers Road Town at 7.30am on the 2nd, the aim is to walk a total of 58 miles covering Tortola, Jost Van Dyke, Virgin Gorda and Anegada. We are thrilled that they have named Adopt A Roof as the event’s chosen charity partner, so I would urge everyone to help support the event and even go out and cheer the walkers on! For more information please go to or check out their Facebook page. Good luck… and remember to get an early night on New Year’s Day.
One Love BVI
20 Dec 2017
Donate through our One Love BVI partnership
We are excited to announce our partnership with the wonderful One Love BVI charity. Through One Love BVI our donors now have a simple on-line donation capability and for US donors, the opportunity to donate through a 501c3 registered organization. Regis Bourdon, president of Adopt A Roof was delighted with the news, stating that, "this marks a major step forward in ease of making a contribution to Adopt A Roof for our donors". Likewise, Jim Scott of One Love BVI added, "Adopt A Roof is one of those groups that is really making a difference on the ground, so we are thrilled to be collaborating with the Adopt A Roof BVI team."
To donate, simply click DONATE or visit visit and click on "Adopt A Roof".

Another new partnership!
Adopt A Roof BVI is delighted to announce its partnership with Promoshop, the leading supplier of promotional clothing and accessories. Promoshop has kindly supplied Adopt A Roof BVI with its fabulous new T-shirts which should be one their way to the BVI in the very near future.

Many thanks to Promoshop for their commitment to this fantastic cause. For more details check here >
Adopt A Roof BVI generate new roof fix
18th November 2017

After Adopt A Roof BVI recently received a new generator kindly donated by TICO wines and spirits merchants in Road Town, they were able to put it to its intended use today. Working outside to build a new roof on the house of the owner of a plant nursery, the generator provided the necessary electricity to run the power tools on site. Thank you to TICO, and great job Rufred Forbes as this latest roof nears completion. Liz Jackson of TICO explained that, “we had a number of generators to donate and sought organizations that would use them to really make a difference.” Cortez Forbes added, “the generator enabled to construct the roof at a much faster pace, which in the current rainy conditions is a big bonus.”
Tortola Ladies Club raise the roof
Following discussions between Adopt A Roof BVI  and Tortola Ladies Club, the wonderful ladies have donated a ‘Head Start Fund’ that provides the first $2000 for each of the next five roofs to be built. This generous gift was made possible by fundraising efforts by the Tortola Ladies Club and demonstrates their eagerness to assist those in need. 

Chris Marshall VP of Adopt A Roof BVI commented that Adopt A Roof BVI  are thrilled to partner with the Tortola Ladies Club. This will make a huge difference as we target more roofs and seek the funds to carry out our task.”  Whilst Sharon Burrill of Tortola Ladies Club commented, “The money was earmarked as a ‘rainy-day’ fund and clearly the post-Irma rebuild represented the obvious occasion to distribute that fund”.

Regis and Claudine Bourdon, currently in Scotland for the birth of their second child, added, “this demonstrates the amazing local community spirit and the confidence that Adopt A Roof BVI  is delivering hope and tangible help to people.”